Buying / Selling Your Property?

Things to consider when making an offer: 

  • Do you need to obtain a LIM report?
  • Do you wish to have a Builders Report?
  • If the property is a Unit Title, have you been provided with a Pre-Contract Disclosure Statement? 
  • Is your finance offer from the bank unconditional? - (i.e. not conditional on a registered valuation or builders inspection?) if so, you will need to include a finance condition in any contract. 
  • Do you have access to a 10% deposit or does this need to be discussed with the salesperson or lender? 
  • Has a copy of the property title been provided? 
  • Have you read the REAA Sales and Purchase Agreement Guide? - (link attached) 
  • If attempting to buy a property in a multi-offer situation, has the process been fully explained to you? 


| Strategies for Selling your Home |

There are five main strategies we can adopt in selling your home


Advantages                                                      Disadvantages 

- Timeframe approach                                       - No conditional offers initially
- Transparancy                                                     
- Ensures competition
- Market determines value
- Unconditional sale
- The Vendor is always in control


Advantages                                                      Disadvantages     

- Buyers know what the price is                       - If priced correctly, you lose buyers or sell too cheaply
- Can deal with conditional offers                    - No timeframe
                                                                         - People may discard property on price and not consider
                                                                           the features and benefits


Sale by Negotiation                                                                                                         

Advantages                                                      Disadvantages     

- You can accept conditional offers                   - No timeframe/ no urgency
                                                                          - Offers are often conditional
                                                                          - Buyers often try to get a bargain


Expressions of Interest Set Date of Sale                                                                 

Advantages                                                      Disadvantages    

- Timeframe approach                                       - Offers are often conditional rather than unconditional
- Vendors can accept conditional offers            - Buyers often dont understand this process
                                                                          - No transparency


Advantages                                                      Disadvantages   

- Timeframe approach                                       - Non-transparent
- Allows confidentiality                                       - Very formal process that locks in buyers
- Ideal for challenging properties                       - Buyers often don't feel comfortable with the process 
- Interested parties have to do due diligence 

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